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Toshiba Face Recognition is not Fool-proof

I was setting up my supervisor’s new Toshiba L645 laptop and found out that their face recognition software is not foolproof after going through so much hassle registering your FACE into the system.

During registration of your FACE, it will ask you to turn your head left and right, up and down like a retard. Basically it’s capturing your silly face from different angle. Users will think it has advance technology to actually do a 3D scan of your face to log in to your system. But in face, it just use those captures you did previously to compare.

Then I told my supervisor, that I can log in without him showing his face to the camera. He says no way. So what I did was, I took a photo of his face on my mobile. Then, I enlarge it and showed it to the laptop’s recognition system. Guess what? I logged in hassle free . LoL

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