6 thoughts on “TMNUT Screamyx

  1. yeah… this 2 images really kept me and my friends laughing..
    unfortunately, i don’t know who exctly created it.. else i would give him/her a credit.

    anyway, thanks for visiting.. =)

  2. aa… its not ragnarok, it the popular OS-tan.. try to wiki OS-tan… they got really cute character of OSes… like the one in signup is XP-tan,
    the one that is fighting with TM-nut Mouse pointer is ME-tan
    and the one with a cat on her head is 98-tan.

  3. kaizeru… thanks for letting me know.. haha.
    I totally have no idea what OS-tan is till you mention it. =)

  4. I still can’t stop laughings lol,

    That brings back memory lol, that image was created by “Eichi-san” a real friend of mine back then way back 2006 when TMnut start to throttles internet.

    Why did I found this post? I dont know, I just somehow for no reason typed “ScreamyX” on google image search and this image came in 2nd result I just start to laughs lol.

    Oh yeah pay Eichi-san a visit sometimes he now have his own blog http://www.mysticsquare.com ^^;

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