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Dig mY drive

I never thought I would find all these spoiled hard disk while digging throught my stash of junk. They look brand new, don’t they? Haha~

If not mistaken, I’ve purchased at least 10 hard disk over the past 9 years. It’s kinda sad that some of the data in those drive were unable to recover.

I have 6 spoiled hard disk and another 6 in good condition.

I have a Maxtor 160GB SATA & 80GB IDE on my main rig, Maxtor 40GB IDE on second rig and Quantum Fireball 20GB IDE & Seagate Baracuda III 20GB IDE on my third rig.

Another 2 used as external drive are Quantum Fireball 10.2GB IDE & Seagate 10.2GB IDE.

Spoiled hard disk :-

1. Seagate 20GB IDE

2. Seagate Baracuda III 20GB IDE

3. Maxtor 60GB IDE

4. Maxtor 80GB IDE

5. Western Digital 40GB IDE

6. Quantum Fireball 5GB IDE


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