Goodbye Urbanreality

I finally moved all my post and comments to my new domain at . After long consideration, I’ve decided to move over to a new domain.

This blog was previously hacked by some Arab hacker. He/She messed up all my database by injecting codes via SQL injection. I couldn’t actually fix the problem as I’m not very good in PHP and MYSQL. So I just got myself another domain and installed WordPress then recreated everything.

Took me some time to move over all my post and comments and making sure the blog is working in the way I wanted it to be.

I guess I’ll be abandoning this blog real soon. I’ll have to redirect all my traffic to the new blog.

Advertlets & Adsense Payment

I finally got paid by Advertlets  after payment went pending for several months. I’m glad that someone actually responded to my ticket and also took the initiative to offer to have my earnings debited directly into my bank account instead of waiting for the cheque to arrive.  Gee… my first payment from them haha… Thanks Advertlets…

At the same time I also received my Adsense payment via Western Union.  Seriously, getting paid through Western Union is hassle free. The only thing is, the currency rate was low when I receive my payment. No choice but to take it. At least it’s enough for me to pay for my hosting and domain and few large pizzaz  hahaha…

Advertlets Payment

I’m getting my first Advertlets payment soon, I hope *crossing my fingers*. I had Advertlets ads on my blog for quite some time already. Cashed out my first earning on 26 Feb 2009. As mentioned in their site it would take 30-45 days to get paid. Somehow it doesn’t seem so. I’ve seen a lot of people blogged that they received their payment but as for me, I waited for few months but I still didn’t get anything.

Only till Sept I submitted a ticket to them, yet there’s no one replied to my ticket. Then I went on emailing them, and again, nobody responded. Till yesterday, I posted another reply on my ticket. Finally someone responded, they apologize for the delay and lack of communication. It’s a very long delay though. =.=”

Anyway, they’re willing to expedite my delayed payment with a direct bank in. Thus, they asked for my details so they could facilitate they payment straight into my bank account. I’m glad they’re willing to help although it been so long since I cashed out my earnings.

Thanks Advertlets~

My apologies

Hey guys.. to those who used to read my blog or still reading now.. (although there’s no updates) X_x . Please accept my sincere apologies. It’s been a while since i last posted something on this blog. Somehow my blog has been long abandoned. PR dropped to 0. I guess I really need to revive it.

I’ve been thinking of changing my domain name cos Urban Reality sounds kinda long and it doesn’t related to what I do anymore. Anyway, still thinking of a new domain name. Those that I wanted has been taken by somebody else.

By the way, anyone know how can I retain my blog entries at the same time change my domain name ?? Any recommendation and suggestion is greatly appreciated. =)

Finally it’s Friday !

The long awaited day LoL cos I get to go back to Seremban after my ISMM lecture. Well, I think I came too early for lecture. It’s only 8:10am, 20 mins before lecture starts. The hall is empty and it’s darn cold in there. But hey… it’s nice to sleep there if there’s a bed.. Weird, it wasn’t like me to come to lecture so early. Usually I’ll only be at the hall 5 or 10 mins earlier. I called Shawn and found out he’s still sleeping. I guess he’ll be late for lecture again.

See those 2 books? Those are the subjects that I hate. I hate subjects with calculation. =.=” But I guess I have no choice. It’s the core subject in the course. Sigh…   Well, I’m not pretending that I’m hardworking bringing those heavy books with me when there’s only 1 lecture for me today. Had to carry them with me cos it’s overdue. DAMN…I should have renewed them yesterday.

Hmm… yesterday….  Silly me, I thought I was going to be late for lecture. As I was rushing to those lecture hall at the UTAR block, I saw those people from my course.  Macroenomics lecture was cancelled….