All “Joost” Up

The duo who brought us KaZaa and Skype now came up with new peer-to-peer video distribution service called Joost . Joost is a new venture of Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis as they plans to bring television to the internet, allowing one to have full control of what and when a show is to be watched.

Working under the code name “The Venice Project,” Zennstrom and Friis have assembled teams of top software developers in about a half-dozen cities around the world, including New York, London, Leiden and Toulouse. Now, they have officially rebranded “The venice Project” to Joost making its way to the web on .

 What is Joost™ anyway ?

Joost™ is a new way of watching TV on the internet, which uses new and established technologies to provide the best of both the internet and TV worlds. We’re in the process of making it as TV-like as we can, with programmes, channels and adverts. You can also see some things that we think will enhance the TV experience: searching for programmes and channels, for example, as well as social features like chat. There are many more new features to come!

How does the channel works ?

Currently, channels are like playlists of videos. You can flip between channels, or use the programme guide to choose a channel or a video to watch. The channels start when you play them and not at any particular day or time. If you let them continue they will loop round to the beginning again. If you change channel and then switch back again, you’ll start at the beginning of the programme again. In later versions we will have different kinds of channels, including ones that behave more like ordinary TV channels. Occasionally, you may see an advert.


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Prison Break

PRISON BREAK!!! OmG.. this is one helluva good series that you should watch… Finally finish watching it online using video streaming…  I’m waiting for the next season… Prison Break : Man Hunt …The new season will return on 21st Aug in the States… damn [email protected][email protected]!  I wonder will Msia tv station get the license to air the 2nd Season. sigh sigh! In the last episod of season 1, they finally get to escape from fox river…The cons rush a small hill leading up to the airfield and they see the plane waiting. The pilot fires up the engines and closes the door behind him, they can’t wait any longer. The five men race down the run way, squad cars charge in from the surrounding area. T-Bag stumbles through the woods, clutching his injured hand. The plane rolls down the tarmac, full throttle. The cons stand at the foot of the runway and try to flag the plane down, but it’s too late. The jet lifts off and flies over their heads. Celebration turns to panic. “What do we do now?” Sucre rasps, trying to catch his breath. “We run!” Michael says. The five remaining inmates run off into a field adjacent to the run way, the police chasing after them.  The end of season and to be continued in season 2 Man Hunt… pretty interesting series i would say….

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