PizzaHut Online Ordering

PizzaHut (Malaysia) just launched their Online Ordering system not long ago as a follower of Dominos Pizza  who launched the the first online pizza ordering website in Malaysia.

I made my first order earlier and my pizzas came 40 mins later.  I know they’re suppose to come in within 30 minutes or I’ll get another piece to chew on =p . But, my apartment is within 45 mins range of their nearest outlet.

Online ordering was easy but they have much more to do to improve their online ordering system. It’s good that they’ve linked their database of customer’s phone numbers which allows you to speed up your registration as the system will lookup for your phone number in the database and comes up with your home address if you’re a existing regular customer.

But, sad to say is that, their system still lack of options to change address, adding new address, modifying your details in case there’s any errors. Hopefully they will work on it soon. Overall, I still think they’re still behind Dominos, in sense of online ordering…

Anyway, nuff said for now. Time for me to sink my jaw on 1 large and 1 regular that I’ve just ordered….. ALL BY MYSELF… muahahaha


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DOTA BlueServer Quiz Answers

My housemate was having trouble figuring out all the answers for account registration quiz on BlueServer the other day. Not being a WarCraft DOTA fans myself, I feel that it’s kinda weird that people have to answer questions regarding the private DOTA server in order to register for an account.

Anyway, I’ll just cut the crap and go straight to the point. My housemate stumbled across this site that contains all the answers to the quiz. I’ll just share it here in case someone needs it. =p

Blueserver Registration Quiz Q&A

Blueserver quiz question & answer 1
Who or where to report leavers?
*Users Management Forum -> Official Banlist

Blueserver quiz question & answer 2
What would you do if someone keep insulting you even you advised him or her not to insult you again?
*Get all the valid evidences and open a report at Official Banlist Compilation

Blueserver quiz question & answer 3
When is ban points getting removed from an account?

Blueserver quiz question & answer 4
What is the main objective of Blueserver?
*Creating an ethical gaming environment

Blueserver quiz question & answer 5
if you lost your password what can you do?
*Use the “Password Reset” that located at

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