Streamyx International link down again

I seriously don’t know what’s happening with Streamyx nowadays. Last week’s connection was slow. Today, I can’t even surf international sites. The problem actually started since last night but it was not so severe yet. I can’t manage my domain DNS, can’t use MSN..I CAN’t EVEN OPEN GMAIL @[email protected]$%353 523$%@ Sigh When will this end????? After 2020 ?

Streamyx Sucks

Because I couldn’t get into international sites, I stumbled onto a lot of good local blogs. I was reading AhYap’s blog just now. I totally agree to his tagline. ” Better than reading newspaper” . A definately must visit site… but be aware, this site is made for people with “big hearts” only.

Troubleshooting MSN Messenger Error Code 81000306/31000314

I’m sharing the troubleshooting guide in case you guys are having the same problem as mine.


Hi Melvin,

Thank you for contacting Windows Live Messenger Technical Support. My name is Michelle and I’ll be glad to assist you with your concern.

Based on the information I received, I understand that you are still unable to sign in to Windows Live Messenger because of error 81000314. I appreciate your patience on this issue. Let me help you out.

Melvin, by the time that you reported this to us, the .NET Messenger service has been experiencing temporary technical difficulties. This particular sign-in issue would usually manifest as:

1. The error code 81000306/31000314.

2. You can sign in with some accounts but not with others (the servers impacted were account-specific).

3. You cannot sign in to MSN Web Messenger.

In any case, I am happy to inform you that the issue has already been resolved. If you still can’t sign in, however, it is possible that the contacts cache of Windows Live Messenger has become corrupted.

To cover all angles, this error code may also appear if one of the following holds true:

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Bien Venue 2007 ! Au Revoir 2006 ~

When I realized it’s the end of 2006, some thoughts came across my mind. I’ve been thinking, what have I done for the past 364 days ? Well, I’m not sure… Procrastinating and loafting around, I guess. There’s much success and failure over some matter so far. After today, everything will be considered as past tense. I guess I shouldn’t have any back thoughts after this. As the New year is coming , everyone would have a new resolution, a new beginning. As for me, I’m still blur about what my resolution are.

Many times, resolution are made but it was never taken into action. Being an indecisive guy, it’s hard for me to make a decision. It’s always about Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. I’m able to Plan and Organizing but there’s no Leading or Controlling. That’s what I lack of and that’s what Mr Brian kept reminding me about.

Two more weeks till exams, I have yet to start my revision. I have to pass all my papers and graduate. That’s what I have in mind now. Not exactly my resolution but just something that  I have to do. After that, I might probably go straight to work again or maybe going for another course elsewhere. Depends if I still can afford to pay for my studies.

Hey…. Guess what ? FINALLY… I’m able to log on to my MSN Messenger. I’ve been trying to log on since yesterday. Just got a mail from Michelle who’s working in the MSN Tech Support department. She said that it’s a account specific problem as I were able to log on with other accounts. Maybe it’s due to the earthquake in Taiwan that some connection to servers located in the States were distrupted. By the way, I forgot to mention that some accounts were located on different servers. I was the unlucky one having an account on the server impacted.

By the way, regarding the petrol price hike, it’s sort of confirmed. The price per litre should go around RM2.40. To those who drive a car that consume a lot of fuel like me who drive a SLK (Stupid Large Kembara). Well, all I can say is GOOD LUCK to you. LoL  I don’t think I wanna go drive out so much. My pocket is empty….  Anyone wanna donate some $$ to me ?