My 3G router… FINALLY………..

I finally received the router after so many weeks of waiting. That darned thing travelled all the way from Germany to Malaysia. Sigh ! If only a transporter exist ~ A moment of happiness then struck by feeling of disappointment. Silly me~ I couldn’t get to test the 3G connection as there’s no Maxis 3G coverage in Seremban. I just remembered, my friend was complaining about his Maxis Wireless broadband. The connection was fine when he used the Maxis provided modem in Kajang and he’s able to log on to UTMS (3G) network. But when he comes back to Seremban he could only use GPRS connection and it sucks. Connection was awfully bad and he couldn’t even download stuffs… LoL

I wonder if there’s Celcom 3G coverage in Seremban. Their offer is kinda good and since one of my commentor, Michael has pointed out that Celcom has the best 3G coverage compared to Maxis. But I can say there’s not much difference between Celcom 3G and Streamyx since it shares the same network backbone. Anyhow, I’ll dropping by Celcom to sign up for their 3G services. The best part is I won’t be tied up by a contract. That means I can terminate it anytime I want. Sounds catchy though…. Hopefully there’s no “hidden” rules & regulation in tiny little font that you have to use a magnifier to read it… haha…  Oh well, that’s how business goes and there’s no way to get around it…

Geez… it’s rather annoying seeing MSN notifier popping in and out while I was typing this.. Something is very wrong with my SuckMyx today. I’m getting disconnected almost every 5 minutes intermittently. MSN connection dropping off, DSL led kept blinking and my DSL SNR Margin is dropping to less than 5 dB. Everybody knows that Streamyx sucks but TMNet is dominating the ISP market. If other ISP were given fair chance, I’m sure there would be some better ISP other than TMNet.