Prestashop Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhausted

I was testing Prestashop yesterday after installing on my server. At first there was some issues with fsockopen and mod_rewrite. Both were fixed after updating the php.ini file.

The another error surfaced when I tried to generate a PDF invoice and delivery slip.
When you try to view Orders in the back office, and click on the ‘View Invoice’ button, it opens a blank window, trying to generate the PDF, but eventually gives me a HTTP500 error. Seems like the allowed memory size of 32M is not enough to generate the PDF. Kept getting the error Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 39 bytes)

Found out the only way to resolve it is to increase the memory_limit to at least 64M. Informed backend about the issue and they agreed to increase the value for me. Finally I’m able to generate the PDF.

Out of curiosity, I went snooping around the PHP.ini documentation and guess what? I found out besides asking backend to increase the memory_limit, there another workaround. It can also be done by editing the and insert the line ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’64M’);

But take note, if you are in a shared environment, backend usually unable to increase the global memory limit, meaning that even if they change your local php.ini memory limit you will still be restricted by the global settings

Toshiba Face Recognition is not Fool-proof

I was setting up my supervisor’s new Toshiba L645 laptop and found out that their face recognition software is not foolproof after going through so much hassle registering your FACE into the system.

During registration of your FACE, it will ask you to turn your head left and right, up and down like a retard. Basically it’s capturing your silly face from different angle. Users will think it has advance technology to actually do a 3D scan of your face to log in to your system. But in face, it just use those captures you did previously to compare.

Then I told my supervisor, that I can log in without him showing his face to the camera. He says no way. So what I did was, I took a photo of his face on my mobile. Then, I enlarge it and showed it to the laptop’s recognition system. Guess what? I logged in hassle free . LoL

Streamyx died again

Bloody Screamyxx just died on me again. Their customer support are so darn stupid trying to avoid calls. It seems that 1300 88 9515 has been engage for the last 25 minutes. Calling 100 didn’t work at all. As soon as you pressed 2 for Internet services. The line just silenced.

WhaT the hell is wrong these moron doing anyway… What’s the point of advertising how good Streamyx is when it is still NO GOOD!

I’ve been hanging on the phone for almost half an hour. All I get is  “Sorry! All our agents are still engage blaa blaa blaaa. and Please ensure that your splitter and modem are connected properly” 

SCREW YOU!!! If it’s not connnected properly, I won’t be calling you TMNUTz at all… Sigh

Vodafone Zuhause Talk&Web-Box Firmware v2.63

Thanks to markmoses for pointing out the firmware upgrade for Vodafone Zuhause Talk & Web 3g router. Firmware v2.63 was released on 20 Sept 2007 as a maintenance release. Unfortunately, Vodafone Support did not mention the purpose of the release. I personally have not tested this firmware yet. My unit was upgraded to v2.50 from v2.37 .

To download the firmware, click here. Please try it on your own risk. The firmware upgrade is irreversible.

If anyone tried v2.63, please share with us what’s the changes in this new firmware. Thanks

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