Shopping at MPH Online

A moment ago, I was browsing MPH Online and I found out that they are one of the merchant support secure online shopping with Verified by Visa. Guess what ? Although most merchant only stated that they accept Credit Cards or Bank Transfer only, you can always try using your Debit Card to purchase stuffs through these merchant’s website. I’ve already already made a few purchases online using Debit Card already.

Anyway, back to MPH. My youngest sister’s birthday is coming soon. Since I won’t be going back to hometown till next month, I decided to purchase some books for her online and have it delivered straight to my house. I bought 3 books for her and 2 books for myself.

This is what I bought earlier.

1. Popular Chinese Idioms

2. Origins of Chinese Names

3. Ratatouille : The Junior Novel

4. Instant Japanese

5. Instant Thai

Books 1 & 2 are from AsiaPac and it’s more like comics. Ratatouille… well I bet everyone knows what’s that right ? He he… My sis is reading Musical High School 2 novel at the moment.

Um, those languages books are for me. I’m not planning to get a bride from Thailand or Japan tho. Just simply buying them to learn a word or two. Who knows right ? I might need it if ever visit any one of those countries. I don’t wanna act like a chicken when I only wanted to buy a piece of Fried Chicken. =p