I was reading an article written by Lisa Collier Cool about lightnings and thunderstorm. What she wrote was quite true that sometimes when lightning strikes, you’re not even safe indoors.


I’ve seen lightning bolt hitting ground in front of my house gate coupled of times in my life. I remembered there was an incident where I was indirectly struck by lightning. I was 14 then. I was on the phone when it happened.

Being ignorant of vigorous thunder claps, I thought it was alright for me to hang on the phone. But this one incident proved me wrong. There was a loud “boom” right before I was hit. The current came through the phone and goes into my body. I felt cold and numb at that time. My whole body was shivering when i hit the ground. There’s no way to stop the grounding of the current because in Malaysia nobody wears shoes in the house.

When my mom saw what happened, she quickly rushed me to the hospital. I was still conscious when i reached the hospital. I couldn’t even speak properly. Everything I see was in slow-mo mode, as if I was hit by an EMP or stuck in a quagmire. I don’t know what happened to my hearing cos I can’t hear what the doctor or nurse was saying. All I know is that I was in a state of shock.

The doctor gave me an injection. What happen next? I don’t know. I dozed off. I woke up back in my house and I still wondering how come I was not hospitalized. Maybe my situation is not serious enough. Well, sad to say, doctors from government hostpital in Malaysia is like that. If they think your situation is not critical, they’ll just send you home.

Anyway, I kinda recovered a day after. My visions and hearing were back to normal. My mom told me that the technician who came to our house to fix the phone lines said that there were more than 20 houses complained that their phone got fried during when that lightning struck. Damn! I learned a hard lesson. No more yakking on the phone whenever there’s thunder clap.

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Blogjet compatible with WordPress 2.1.2

I’ve been testing this desktop publishing software called Blogjet for some time now. I’m currently using Blogjet . I previously have problem posting with it cos the program crashed when I tried to post something to my blog. I was using WordPress 2.0.5 back then. After upgrading to WordPress 2.1.2, I found that Blogjet works pretty well with the new WordPress.


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