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Should I start blogging again ?

I’ve been trying to restart blogging but busy work schedule and other commitments has been stopping me from doing so. SO yeah, this blog was left stagnant for the past 2 years. At some point Adsense even disabled my account and I have no idea why. NO, I did not do anything that was against their policy.

Before my Adsense got disabled, I was in the progress of setting up a forum for students and of course, I put on the Adsense code into the side before the forum was even ready to test out the placement of the ads to see how things would look like. So what happened was, there was a misconfiguration that blocked out most of the search engine crawlers from crawling all over the site if they are not authenticated to the site.

There was this particular page that was left open with a post that was offering free legit software licenses to students Nope, I’m not gonna say what licenses it is but it is from a reputable company. Nothing illegal here.

The page had a very long post in it where I stated that I’m offering the licenses to students for free but I would need them to register and submit some details for verification before giving them the licenses. One day I received an email from Google saying that my page was having spam content which is definitely not the case.

And soon after that…. well, I’m pretty sure you know what happened. Google Adsense disabled my Adsense account together with the balances that I had in there. Yup, my account gets ZEROed out and banned, just for trying to help students.

I was trying high and low to get clarification from Google and tried to find ways to explain my case but as you know, their process are “automated” and you don’t get to talk to a HUMAN. You don’t get to explain yourself AT ALL once you get banned from Adsense. I know quite a number of content writer gets the same banhammer for unknown reason, which till date they have no idea what they did wrong.

Yes, I got dismayed and stopped writing.. and there you are reading my wall of text today =D

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