Food Mamak

Restoran Mydina, Wangsa Maju

My two cents.. Avoid this place at all cost during noon time. I asked if there’s any roti at this hour and the boss say only roti telur available. I find it weird cos if I just order a normal roti, they don’t need to put the damn egg in rite? So fine ! Roti telur it is. Waited for almost 10 mins but nobody is actually cooking anything.

Not long after, I finally know why. Without making the dough, they brought out roti telur from somewhere and just reheat it only. As soon as it reach my table, it’s really obvious that it’s not fresh. That’s why they only have roti telur. So I guess those lazy f*ckers didn’t make me a new one but instead took out some leftover food for me.

Since I’m starving , I didn’t bother to make a fuss bout it. But my friend complained that the nasi leman that she ordered tasted like a leftover rice from last night. Even my office’s instant tea taste better.

Seriously, don’t go to this restaurant if you’re around he area

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