When lightning strikes

It was technology versus mother nature this time. A flash of light followed by a loud bang and my AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) sparkled. I immideatly turned off all my electronic appliances in my apartment. Lucky me! My PC , TV and the modem survived the strike.

After the rain subsided, I trouble-shooted my AVR. Suprisingly, the power sockets are still functioning except for the phone line jack.  From my past experience, I think the spike came through the phone line. Well, at least the AVR stopped the current before hitting my modem. Else I would have take the hassle claiming warranty for both my AVR and modem as I bought it at two different places. =.=”

I guess I’ll have to get to Low Yat to claim warranty for the AVR. At the meantime , I’m surveying for another AVR and some good surge protectors. The only brand I had in mind for now is Belkin. Any recommendations?

Refunds by Touch ‘n Go in process

3 days ago I lodged a complaint regarding my Touch ‘n Go balance which had RM7.00 deducted as a penalty due to their system error. I’ve received replies from their Customer Service Executive.

This is the first reply I got…


“On 11/6/07, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr Melvin Wong,


Greetings to you.

We noted that there was maximum fare charge occurred on your card serial no. 1706412274 for your journey at KTM on 01 November 2007.

In the case of train fare deduction through Touch ‘n Go card, the occurrence of maximum charge may be due to ‘system error’ or failure of user to adhere to proper card usage such as,

1. The card did not have complete transaction (‘touch in’ and ‘touch out’ for previous journey either at KTM-Komuter, LRTs or Monorail) when touch for the new journey.

2. ‘Touch in’ and ‘touch out’ at the same station after more than 1/2 hour/span>

3. ‘Touch in’ at the originating and ‘touch out’ at the exit station execeeded time limit (> 4 hours)

4. Multiple touches at reader upon entry or exit station

We are keen in assisting you and would appreciate if you could furnish us some additional information on the reason(s) for maximum charge to occur, entry and exit stations for the transaction.

We look forward to receiving your reply soon. 
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Touch ‘n Go Careline Centre at 03-7628 5115 (7.30am to 7.30pm : Monday to Sunday). We will be glad to assist you.

Kind Regards,
Executive – Touch ‘n Go Customer Service”


Upon reading it, I feel that it isn’t a case of user-error.I then proceeded by replying her with more detailed informations in a chronological manner. And this is what I received just now..

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My first Google Adsense payment

I finally got paid by Google Adsense for the first time after 1 and half years of blogging. Although the earning were not much, I was somewhat satisfied with it.

Anyway, I made my withdrawal through Western Union last week. As mentioned earlier in my blog, I proceeded to CIMB Branch in KL Sentral. The queue was rather long but I guess it’s worth the wait. Before you queue up, make sure you’ve filled the form located at the form section. The form has a yellow colour heading.

I knew which form to take as this is my 3rd time withdrawing money via Western Union. You might notice that in the Receiver column there isn’t enough space to fill in a typical Malaysian address which is so freaking long. So what I did was, I only put my house number and the street name in the form. As long it matched your details in your Identification Card.

In the Sender column, I filled in

First name  : Google Inc.

Address : 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway

              Mountain View CA 94043


Telephone no: (650) 253–4000


Note that CA stands for California and 94043 is the Zip-code/ Poscode.  I printed out my Statement of Earnings as my reference. Make sure you fill in the exact amount that you’re receiving from Adsense. As for the “City, state/province, country money sent from” part, just fill in  CA, USA. Then fill in the 10–digit MTCN number you got from the Google Adsense payment detail page. And you’re done with the form.

Just queue up and wait for you turn. During my queue, I saw a lady transacting her Western Union withdrawal as well. The amount she was withdrawal was quite shocking. As I looked at the screen of the money counter, it stated 300. OMG!! 300 RM50 notes per form. She was holding 3 piece of form by the way. =.=”

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Touch ‘n Go Penalize Customer on system error

Sigh… I just checked my Touch ‘n Go E-statement and I found out that I’ve been penalize RM7.00 just because their stupid system made an error.  I took the Commuter from Mid Valley and exited at KL Sentral. As usual, payment cleared, balance got deducted and I got out from the exit gate without problem. Until just now, I saw an eye soring statement description…

What the fxxk is that penalty for anyway? I bet I’m not the only one out there who encounter such problem. I still think TnG system is crappy ! What do you think? Have your say…..

Google Adsense Western Union Payment MTCN

Previously, i’ve opted to receive my Google Adsense payment thru Western Union Quick Cash. I’ve just received my payment details that contains info such as Payment Type, Payment Date, Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) & Payment Amount.

The payment is available for pick-up the day after the payment date which is stated in the payment detail. I find it weird because the Payment Date is posted as 25th Oct 2007. Usually when a money transfer is sent by Western Union, you should be able to receive the money on the same day itself. I’ve only received the payment details 2 hours ago and it’s already 1st Nov. If you did not pickup your funds within 35 days from the Payment Date,  the amount will be credited back to your AdSense account.

I was worried that Western Union will charge a certain fee to get my funds. After checking out Ades’s Blog, I felt relieved as his blog mentioned that there will not be any charges imposed on the funds. I guess I’ll be going to KL Sentral later at noon to try to pick-up my funds.

I’ll post the updates after I get my hands on the cash =P